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Sound Barrier Hunting, is it a noise suppressant or bust?
A $15 product that could save a hunt from being busted. Sound Barrier Hunting is solving a problem almost every hunter has faced; being busted because you've made one false…
West Kerr Ranch, a family ran operation
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Top Hand Warmer by Roo Outdoor, checkout Inferno Terrain for hunting
The Roo Outdoor Inferno Terrain is the perfect hand warmer and should be one of the first accessories you think of when gearing up for cold weather hunting!…
Phone Skope teams up with Hunting Product Guru
Phone Skope is a company based in the great state of Utah that specializes in making adapters that allow you to capture images with your phone through an optic. We…
Let’s talk about getting ‘‘Serious with the Cirrus Wind Indicator”
Cirrus Wind Indicator is the only wind indicator on the market that is affordable, safe to travel with, and you can check the slightest wind and thermal winds.
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Why you shouldn’t brag about big bucks in your area
As Fred Bear said, "A Hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be."…
Affordable products under $50 for the 2016 hunting season
This 2016 season I have dedicated to working from a budget as we just welcomed our 2nd child to our family. Here's a quick list of top affordable products under…

Hunting Product Guru

The Gurus are fully committed to giving unbiased reviews on outdoor game & hunting gear from Bows & Rifles, Hand Guns, Scopes, Binoculars, Deer Stands, Trail Cameras, Hunting Lodges, Clothing, and many more of the hottest items on the market! ‘What works’ and ‘What didn’t work’ are just the tip of the iceberg as we share our real life experiences with you. The Gurus have always had a true passion for the outdoors and enjoy putting hunting gear to the test that it claims it can stand up to. So, be sure to not only check out what we’ve reviewed but also be sure to come back and view more as we will be posting as soon as each review is completed.

Featured Ranch


West Kerr Ranch


Mountain Home, TX


(830) 329-5171

Game Available:

Whitetail, and almost any exotic you could think of!
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