Product Guru - Justin Wegner loves to practice his technique of stealth drawing.

Product Guru – Justin Wegner practicing his stealth stalk and draw technique.

If there’s ever a saying that is overused and under practiced it’s, “Practice makes Perfect”. Well I am no different. I work a full-time job and have freelance work on the side and try to practice no less than 3 or 4 times week but I still find myself falling short. So that means, I have to make my time worth it by practicing in all types of conditions. I typically do all these more with practicing with my bow than gun but I have been known to do it when practicing up with the gun.

Practice in extreme weather conditions – In Texas, this seems really easy especially as we approach winter, where it can be 80°-90° in the middle of the day then at dawn or dusk it can be a cool brisk 30°-40°. I typically also get out there and in the rain, wind and even when it’s snowing or sleeting as it often does during the winter months.

Stay in shape – This one might be the hardest for me but I try do a few things that help. If you can stay in shape, by running everyday and lifting weights great! But one thing that I do (rather, want to do more) is when you get out to the field to practice get your heart rate up. You can do this a couple ways but I generally try to run a little bit then come back to your spot to shoot, get rested then fire off a few arrows then repeat as much as you can SAFELY. Below is a video on how I gain a little more from target practice.

Practice at longer distances – If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough is practicing a little longer than you typically would. I am most comfortable shooting any animal up to 40 yards and I can say that confidently. However, when I practice I do all of the above mentioned plus I take the practice shots out to 50, 60, and sometimes even 70 yards! I don’t recommend taking a shot like that at an animal unless you’re completely confident in your shot. As I was always taught, only take a shot you’re 100% confident in because once it’s taken, you can’t take it back.

Hope this article will help if not, there will be a video we (the Gurus) will be posting soon to help visualize it a little better.

UPDATE: Here’s the video…