Wickstick Stabilizer Full Review
By: Nick Edwards



Every season we are grateful for the opportunity to test and review new products.  Over the last month I have been in the process of changing over to my new bow, the Mathews Halon 6.  More reviews of this bow coming soon.  I initially setup this bow a 8″ stabilizer from a well known company in the industry, lets call it “StabX”.  However, one of the products we have recently received was a selection of Wickstick Stabilizers. I thought this would be a great test to compare these two products.



I chose to review this product on several fronts:

  1. Observation
    This particular model has a gloss finish which, as a hunter, I tend to stay away from.  However, the weight and feel was really good.  I liked the light weight construction with all weight added to the end.  There is even an option to add additional weight for individual preferences.
  2. Feel
    The first set of testing I did was at 3 yards.  I chose to go to my local archery shop and shoot into the large block targets.  Shooting at 3 yards I was able to shoot with my eyes closed in order to feel the difference between having no stabilizer, StabX, and the 8″ Wickstick.  The Mathews Halon is a great bow and there is very little vibration in the bow shooting without a stabilizer.
    After several shots without, I then added the Wickstick.  Obviously, there was an immediate difference in balance and weight at full draw.  With eyes closed, I shot.  The Wickstick did its job and I could feel the difference, but how would it compare to the other?  Next I put StabX. Honestly, I could not tell any difference.  I went back and forth, taking one on and replacing it with the other.  Still, with eyes closed, there was no noticeable difference in StabX and the Wickstick.
  3. Shooting
    The next test was shooting.  I took two, 5 shot groups with each stabilizer at 30 yards, resting between groups.  Again, I could not tell any difference in the grouping of my shots.  Both stabilizers performed exactly like they should.
  4. Value
    The Wickstick comes in valued lower than many other stabilizers today.  Over the last several years it appears the prices of stabilizers has continued to go up.  The 8″ Wickstick is advertised at $45.  $30 cheaper than StabX with, no noticeable to me, performance differences. So for that we think the value is there for you!

Would we recommend?

As someone who works in a bow shop, is an avid hunter, and loves to shoot, I always have to ask my self the same question.  Would I recommend this product to a friend, hunting partner or family member?  As for the 8″ Wickstick, I think it is a great value, a great stabilizer, and a well made product.  I would have no problem recommending this product to anyone.  My only caveat would be the gloss finish.


I am very grateful to the Dan Hardwick and the people at Wickstick for allowing us to use this product. Here’s where you can buy one: http://wickstickstabilizers.com/products – here you’ll find all the other sizes of stabilizers and quick connect they offer!



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