Bowmars dropped from Under Armor


If you’re reading this you’re probably searching for something like “Under Armor dropped the Bowmars after a spear hunt with a bear” or maybe you saw a headline that was suggestive like “Hunter Sarah Bowmar dropped by Under Armour after her husband filmed himself slaughtering bear with javelin”.

Bowmars dropped from Under Armor2016-09-09T09:26:07-05:00

Is it ‘hunting’ or ‘baiting? Hunting over a feeder:


So today, I was asked by a friend of mine, “Is it really hunting if you're just baiting deer to corn - then shoot them?”. Let’s be perfectly clear, this is a question that isn’t easily answered in about 800 words but I am going to do my best to give our point of view, on this ever-so controversial topic.

Is it ‘hunting’ or ‘baiting? Hunting over a feeder:2016-09-13T04:16:28-05:00
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