The West Kerr Ranch was picked as the first ranch to be featured of the 2017 season for reasons that were indisputable. They have a family ran operation, knowledgable, and some of the best views a hunter could find in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Located inside Kerr county, this is a premiere destination that any hunter could appreciate.

Anyone from the Hill Country area or even in the surrounding areas, has heard of the Schreiner Family. Maybe you’ve heard of Schreiner University? Or the Y.O. Ranch (owned by the Schreiner Famly)? Well, back in 1976 Barbara Kana’s father made a pretty hefty purchase from the Charles Schreiner III, for 6 sections of land. At the time, it was primarily used for cattle and goats. Barbara over time became the sole owner of the land and transitioned the land from cattle and goats to primarily a premier hunting destination in the Hill Country. Taking the leadership to manage the land has proven the West Kerr Ranch to have superior genetics of wildlife at a fair price.

After reading an excerpt (below), found on their website, be sure to reach out to the Kana Family and get you a “once on a lifetime” hunt booked.

The West Kerr Ranch is owned, managed and operated by the Kana family. Our guides are experienced hunters. We are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable and safe hunt. Memories of a lifetime are made here. We offer many different package hunts to fit the needs of our guests. Our whitetail trophy buck and management buck hunts are conducted from blinds or spot and stalk hunting with rifles and bow hunting equipment.

 Our exotic game species may be hunted year round and include Axis, Fallow, Aoudad, Elk, Blackbuck Antelope, Sika, Aoudad and Mouflon rams. Whitetail and exotic doe packages are also available and are a great way to include youth hunters and beginners in the hunt. Turkey hunts in the spring are a great way to spend a weekend in the off season and the ranch has a huge population of the Rio Grande variety.
Should you have any questions about our ranch, the hunts we offer or special requests please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to discuss the details of our offerings with you in person and look forward to having you as a hunting guest at the ranch in the near future.
Having grown up in the Hill Country I know firsthand that the scenery is God’s handiwork. There’s nothing quite like the views paired with a well managed ranch.