RRR-Gunrest-Camo-5There’s a few products that come along that make you think, “how have I not already thought of that”. Well that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw, felt, and handled the RRR Gunrest(s) that were sent to us to review.

This small piece adds so much to to your arsenal. It’s a slip that goes right over the barrel of your gun to fit snugly onto the forestock of your gun can be slid right up under the scope. It’s a padded slip on gun rest that goes where your gun goes. Slips directly over your strap. I have a very non-stick gun sling, that made slipping it right over a little difficult but I eventually got it. This was the reasoning behind my sling not a flaw in the gun rest. This gun rest has no affect on your gun whatsoever and gives you that steady shot on most rests.


The big upside to the RRR Gunrest is they have a great price point ($19.95) as compared to a downsided sandbag rest. You may ask, “Why is this better than a sandbag?” Well in our experience in slipping it onto our 25-06 Browning with a 50mm scope, we certainly loved the fact that you could theoretically slip this onto your gun and take it everywhere with you. A sandbag is a little bit higher priced and not as mobile.


The padded Gun rest can still be used with with your existing sling. There’s one caveat that I have been racking my brain on how to solve with my gun. I have a 50mm scope on my Browning 25-06, the only thing with the RRR Gunrest is they won’t fit under the 50mm Scope. So in my particular case, without getting higher scope mounts, which I don’t want, I have to take the RRR Gunrest slip off every time I get out of the blind. This was one of the only downsides to mention or that I found. I wonder if the gun rest can utilize velcro, in an non-intrusive way, to solve this problem.

RRR Gunrest

The RRR Gunrest comes in 4 colors: Brown Camo, Green Camo, Digital Camo, and Black. They all feel very sturdy and that they won’t crumble over time. We feel this RRR Gunrest certainly makes a great addition in your hunting bag and something you certainly won’t regret having in the blind or on a spot-and-stalk hunt.

Here’s where you can order this Assembled in America Product : http://www.rrrgunrest.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PLST