I have loved the thought of digitizing photos, as long as I can remember. Phone Skope, a company that specializes in doing this at a greater level, for a fraction of the cost. Phone Skope agreed to give product for the review from Hunting Product Guru and I was amped!

Phone Skope 1

We got cases for 2 different phones. We received a cases that fits on the iPhone 6 and 5s. As you can tell from their website, they have a ton of cases for almost everything on the market. Their iPhone 5/5S case was one where the phone slipped through from the top, and the iPhone 6 was a case that snapped on. Both cases couldn’t work with an existing case on a phone. That was a drawback for me. Also, we both had screen protectors on our phone and the iPhone 6 case almost cracked that screen protector due to the tabs at the top of the phone that secure it. I actually still have some fractures in the screen protector but other than that the cases worked as intended. For this I am wondering if maybe a slip through case would be sufficient because the case was actually a pain getting off, for my iPhone 6.


A great use, I found, for Phone Skope was when sighting in your rifle! No, don’t use it on your rifle, as I found not only was I told not to do that with warning all over but I put it on the rifle and the distance from phone to reticle wouldn’t allow it to happen. I hooked the universal adapter onto our Nikon ED Fieldscope, directed down range at the target at 100 yards. Set up with my wife’s Uncle Hal on his 500 acre Pure Black Angus Beef farm (in the spare pasture of course – no cows were harmed.) It performed perfectly. Only flaw was my gimpy tripod. Even at 100 yards it was touchy.


What I love about the Phone Skope, I think you will too, is the ability to take picture and record video then replay those moments, over and over. This is great on so many levels. You can take pictures of that big buck you’ve been looking at and take the digital zoom on your phone later and keep inspecting. Maybe there’s moments that you want to remember forever. Well, as long as you have Phone Skope you have that ability.

The drawback of the actual case was a minor one. How I suggest using it is, when your hunt or scouting starts, put the phone in the Phone Skope case, then get the adapter set on your choice of device. Start the hunt or scouting mission, then simply attach the 2 when the timing is right. Capture your moment. Have it forever.

If you can’t tell, I fully love the Phone Skope and what they stand for. About $50 for the case then around $30 for the attachments. You could argue that having a universal fit would be better, and some days I would tend to agree with you but think about how accurate having the correct fittings for each device is! Do yourself a favor and go check them out, make a purchase. Let them know you read the review, you might be surprised!

If you compare the cost of even, cheap cameras, the Phone Skope could come out cheaper. I am a huge proponent of packing in less and taking out more (meat)!

Go check out Phone Skope here: http://www.phoneskope.com/

Full Disclosure: The provided package was shipped to us by Phone Skope for a review.