#TheGuruNation I had been MIA for a while on posting and for that, I apologize. As I have said many times I won’t post about something unless I have used it, talked to the company, and got a feel for it all the way around.

Naturally, a product I have been using, which you may have seen on the podcast/studio wall is the Vertical Gun Rack. Well, truth be told I have the horizontal one lol. It’s awesome. One partner that I met at the Texas Trophy Hunter show was Neil and he’s a stand-up dude. One cool hombre.

Here’s the quick facts:

  • Made in the USA
  • Unibody gun rack
  • Saves space
  • Metal design, coated in a thick rubber

So what are my thoughts?

At first I was VERY concerned with the vertical one, as you place the bottom slot in the trigger guard. However, it hit me REALLY quick, almost like a “DUH” moment. You don’t ever store your guns loaded. I actually keep my magazines and bullets separate from my guns. So with that I can tell you without a doubt that it’s a great product.

A big perk, if you’ve got guns you want to store in a practical way that also looks appealing this is one solution. I like the heavy rubber coating of the sturdy metal unibody design because it doesn’t scuff the gun at all. I am pretty particular about that.

Price Point

As many of you know, the price point for the product quality is always something I am keeping in mind. For this product, it’s very good. You can get a single gun rack for under $20. They also offer bundle packs so you can save even more cash!

What else do they offer?

  • Vertical Gun rack
  • Bull Pup Rack – designed to fit bull pup weapons.
  • Pistol Rack
  • Horizontal Rack
  • Bow Hooks
  • Torsion Spring
  • Ultra light bino harness

So overall, go check out www.verticalgunracks.com. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. I love the product. Neil is a great guy and this is great for just one gun or hundreds!