How do you decide what to pack for your trip? More importantly how do you remember it all. Here’s my answer: the kitchen table! Here’s a tip on how to get the trip started on the right foot. How to organize your trip!

Organize your trip

There’s nothing worse than getting out in the field (hours away from home or store for me), and realizing you’ve left something at home. Whether it be your bow release, magazine clip, or something as simple and effective as scent cover. Sure there’s always a way but it’s more times than not easier to take about an hour to organize¬†your trip. Unpack the pack on the kitchen table. Don’t come back to me if your loved one gets upset about the mess on the table, it’s part of the organizational process.

Not sure about anyone else, but our kitchen table around hunting season is the catch all for all the stuff my wife doesn’t know where to put. Before any trip though, I take everything that I plan on taking and lay it all out. Take inventory so to speak.

The benefit to doing this is:

  1. If there’s something that is missing you’ll likely know during this step
  2. If there’s anything that you see and it might need batteries, now’s the time to get them.
  3. It allows for an organized start to your trip. (this one’s my OCD favorite)

So a small tip, that didn’t take me anymore than an hour, “unpack your pack”!