ATA this year, much like last year, was an experience. I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t as good as last year’s but it’s hard to compare years. Last year with the release of the Garmin Xero Site, and Primos Hunting release of the 360 blind. This year I was with Jason Feldt, owner of Bowhunter Box Club and we were on the lookout for the new innovative product.

What I want to give you is the highlights and what I would suggest being improved upon for the years to come. I think that’s where improvement comes into play.

Top Highlights

Easton Arrow T64 Tapered Arrow:
An arrow that has built-in FOC (Front Of Center) to hopefully eliminate more accessories to your hunting arrow is what this arrow focuses on. To get maximum accuracy and penetration It is an arrow that starts at 6mm and tapers down to 4mm. As I was talking with Gowild Founders, Brad and Chris, as well as Outdoors Allie, it’s something that I agree, was probably the coolest out there. I can’t wait to get a dozen and try them out.

The People:
Sounds weird, but when you get around people in any industry it can either paralyze you or push you to work harder. I choose the latter, however, it’s not easy. It can paralyze you if you’re not careful because you might start comparing yourself and find yourself not doing anything to move the needle. I have had many people send me messages about this, so I know how it can feel. But I love surrounding myself with the people in the industry who are focused on helping others and providing value first.

Top Improvements

Industry Hype:
Last year there was an insane amount of hype about products, companies, and people. This year I just didn’t feel that there was hype. Had no idea that ATA even had a new logo/brand. Which I think is actually pretty kick ass. I would suggest that if they could utilize more of social media to get everyone geared up and excited about ATA it would help the atmosphere that I think was lacking this year vs last. For the record, I know I am not the only one that felt this way.