If you’re hunting at all, you’re well in tune with one thing: everyone is always willing to brag about the “Big Buck” on my camera. We all know we want to see it but not many of us want to hear a braggadocios approach as described in Drumming Wildlife Management facebook video. As Fred Bear said, “A Hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.” Hunting Product Guru in NebraskaIrony for me has been, while I have shot “big bucks” some of my most memorable hunts have been the ones that I came up empty handed. Like last year I traveled all the way to Nebraska, and am still eating tag soup.

The purpose of this video is by know means cutting anybody down. It’s just a quick clip of just going out there and enjoying yourself this year. Not all properties produce giants, and yes, even managed ones at times. There are so many factors going against you from all angles when managing for deer. Don’t let the mental thought of I have to kill a giant to be recognized as a great manager/hunter get in the way of having fun.Posted by Drumming Log Wildlife Management on Friday, October 21, 2016