Josh Bowmar alongside his ethical kill of a Black BearIf you’re reading this you’re probably searching for something like “Under Armor dropped the Bowmars after a spear hunt with a bear” or maybe you saw a headline that was suggestive like “Hunter Sarah Bowmar dropped by Under Armour after her husband filmed himself slaughtering bear with javelin”. Either way I guarantee there’s more to the story that just like there always is. For such a cliche saying “more to the story”, it’s pretty unbelievable that still people only see one side.

So many people think that this was an unethical kill. I can tell you that most times the faster the weapon doesn’t necessarily mean the quicker the kill. 100% of the time it’s all about SHOT PLACEMENT!

For the record myself or out Hunting Product Guru team, Kevin or Nick are NOT sponsored by anyone other than Muddy Outdoors ( If you’re interested in partnering with us please contact us. Furthermore, this means we aren’t sponsored by Under Armor and haven’t had any direct contact with the Bowmars. So our opinions aren’t bought they strictly come from a direction of concern for the Bowmars, Under Armor, as well as our nation as a whole.

With having grown up in the hunting industry filming and editing for Bass Pro, Tex Mex Outdoors, and some others that I won’t name because the relationship ended badly because those people were dropped by sponsors thus not paying us at all! Leaving us with thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices without anyway to pay them. I grew up with understanding, it’s all business when product or money starts getting thrown around as sponsorship. The Bowmars who were Trainers in Ohio, they were brand ambassadors, much like famously known Cameron Hanes or the Shockey’s, Jim and Eva. These are just some of the ambassadors that I am aware of from social media for Under Armor. Don’t know them personally but I do know they’re a great fit! If you’re in the hunting industry you get picked up and dropped by brands, sometimes without even knowing why. It’s part of the game. It happened to us when we were filming from many companies.

So after just watching the video, I have a conclusion that while Hanes was correct in saying that, we must be fully aware of the anti-hunters opinion as much as our own, I do believe that Bowmar made an ethical kill. Here’s where the controversy started to come in. This is a killing method most of this day and age, has NEVER seen. Having never seen it in person and this is your first time, you’ll think it harmful. It might be a little high and back, it still got the job done. The reason they waited until the morning to retrieve the bear was because it was so late after the shot, and walking in on a bear that’s dying, isn’t the place you want to be.

Under Armor choosing to part ways with the Bowmars is nothing more than a business decision because so many people who grocery shop or aren’t meat eaters, think this type of killing is unethical. Under Armor is protecting their brand and that’s why it’s strictly business. There’s people within the Under Armor brand who’ve hunted and know it’s a way of life, they surely didn’t want this to happen. Pain is felt anyway, anything dies. That’s a fact. It’s a part of the process and if we want to continue to be the top of the food chain, because everything doesn’t always live in “harmony”, then we must continue to push the circle of life. Some people shout when they harvest an animal and some people smile. DSC_0749

Wegner and Driver both reunited after 30 years to hunt together

For the majority of us ethical hunters, like us and the Bowmars, we don’t do it out of disrespect at all. More on why we smile or shout. If that’s what you conclude from their video, then you’re clearly missing the bigger feat that just unfolded from a previous college javelon thrower. Josh Bowmar has a past record of being accurate (read his success records here). If you take notice in the video the bear comes back 2 more times. Josh withheld his first throw knowing he may not get a 2nd chance.

I truly feel bad for the Bowmars, to have been backed by one of the biggest brands in all of sports, then have it taken away, it’s not an easy pill to swallow. I know the Bowmars will too climb from this. They are winners, who go the extra mile and that’s always a lonely road but well worth the rewards. Sarah and Josh if you’re reading this, sorry but we fully support your ethical kill and apologize for the hard times you’re enduring now. This will only make you stronger. If you’re an anti-hunter reading this, I beg you to please think about what’s so wrong with bringing home food for your family?

To all, thank you!