This isn’t an easy story for me to cover but one I feel like I need to. I have spent some personal time with Bill Busbice and family about a decade ago. Let me tell you, people change. This is a story of what I believe to be, money and fame can AND will change you… if you’re not careful. If you’ve googled anything about “Bill Busbice Poaching” you’ll find plenty. Here’s an expansion and my perspective, as I have personally worked with Busbice family in the past.

Back in the early 2000’s I, along with Larry Weishuhn, and my dad were flown on The Busbice private jet from Kerrville, Tx to Louisiana. Where the brand new company, Wildgame Innovations, was just getting started at a QDMA show. All 3 of us loaded up with the intentions of helping the guys out with marketing and sales. Here’s what I witnessed in the first 24 hours of meeting most of the family including Ryan Busbice. They were literally some of the nicest people on the planet. We all had a great time and we helped them with a marketing strategy and celebrity endorsement from Larry.

The family welcomed us into their home, told us stories about how Bill had the trucking company and Ryan came up with Wildgame Innovations… It was one crazy weekend. I walked away from that weekend with a respect for these guys. I even walked away at a young age with a hunger for entrepreneurship, as I watched veteran Ryan Busbice turn an idea into an actual business.

As time passed, I witnessed their shows coming on air, and the company was growing at a rapid pace. We eventually parted ways in the industry for reasons I, honestly can’t recall. Anyway, I went off to college and kept watching them grow.

Here’s where I think things went south for them. They’re all very nice to this day but when you think you’re above the law… that will always come back to haunt you. Unfortunately, Bill Busbice who use to be the chairman of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission isn’t above the law. Last October, he and crew let an animal go to waste that was illegally shot, then proceeded to shoot without a proper license. The hunting community doesn’t have any room for this kind of negligence.

Don’t know much about other details other than this sucks! I will say this, if Under Armor drops Sarah Bowmar over her husband’s legal spear harvest of a bear, then the Outdoor Channel REALLY needs to evaluate their contract with the Busbice family. I believe in forgiveness but I also believe money shouldn’t be able to buy you into certain spots and vice versa OUT of them.

Bill Busbice does not represent an honest hard working hunter. As one report I read said, “You can clearly hear Bill Busbice on a recording say, ‘we have to remove the part where I shot that cow, and we need to put it in the ditch’.” I can guarantee you that if you think this way, YOU ARE NOT a hunter in my book and you do not represent my ethics or values in hunting.