With firearms being such a “way of life” in Texas (and many other states) watch the video of a San Antonio Gun Store as they are selling a gun to a father. A father who we definitely agree with 100%. Teaching your kids about firearm safety is the best way to show them that guns aren’t the problem, crazy individuals are.

So much can be impressed upon a child. Allowing your child to think for themselves is wise but teaching them the safety in things is a lesson that holds a “priceless” value. In the media we hear all too often about what gun violence a crazed person acted upon. A few things have attributed to the “guns are bad” campaign and this is one of them. The notion that guns kill people is just a fraction of the problem. You may have heard in the debacle, “Well do you blame your pencil for misspelled words?”. This is all too true.

Shooting a firearm, safely.

The age at which a child learns such a safe act is a lesson most boys or girls will never forget. At age 7, remember going to Leakey, Tx and learning gun safety with a .22 Caliber. I learned many things. How to shoot safely? How to properly hold and load a weapon? And most importantly, I was taught to respect that weapon. It was said to me like this, “Once you pull that trigger, there’s no undoing it. You better have done your homework on what you were shooting at“. I cannot tell you how many times this thought has gone through my head if I am just practicing at the range or if I am in a hunting situation. Almost 20 years later this is going through my head on a daily basis, ESPECIALLY when I have a gun in hand.

Let us know in the comments below how you fare with Firearm safety? What will you allow your child to start learning?

This clip comes from ABC’s hidden camera show, What Would You Do?