Bow sling by Slingit Customs
By: Justin Wegner


Got approached by Nate over at Slingit Customs on our Instagram Channel (@huntingproductguru) and he asked if we could review his product. The conversation went really well, but as many already know – we are brutally honest with products. If we feel like anyone with some serious hunting abilities will use the product, we want to test it even to it’s full capability and potential. Nate agreed 100% and from the get-go we got along great. Slingit Customs is a Made in the U.S.A. paracord product for basically all of your hunting needs!

Disclaimer – none of what is said below was paid for by Slingit Customs. What we are writing, is true about his product and we are happy to have a chance to work with such a great guy!

First off, when we got the package from Nate, I asked if he could do the Guru yellow, and he did. Rocked it. It came in a package that was really loose and had handwritten addresses on it. What I consider a nice personal touch. Although, I do like the handwritten feel because you know that a person made the product instead of a machine, I think it’s time for Slingit Customs to be printing labels and shipping from firm cardboard boxes. Just adds a nice touch of professionalism.

How was set up?

The bow sling was certainly an easy set up when I got the ends wrapped around the frame to latch to the strap. The buckles were male and female specific on each side, so it could only go on one way. I honestly wouldn’t mind testing out what it would be like, if they were the same at the top and bottom to make it a little easier to attach back on when you want it. The wrist sling went on with ease as well. The Binocular strap was just as easy to attach to my RedHead 10×42 binoculars. It also had a strap attached that was for the rangefinder. Overall, the setup of everything was absolutely great!


How was the Bow Sling?

The bow sling set up was immense. The sturdy (actually comfortable) strap was absolute, and actually all the straps were thick and sturdy. You could certainly tell they all were made durable. Here’s the thing, I used the bow sling so much while in Nebraska, in fact..A LOT. I stalked a 200”+ Mule Deer ¾ of a mile without my bow sling and my arm was so sore, I wished I had it. The bow sling was so comfortable that I ended up using it in almost every stalk. BUT my only thing with it was, as I was coming over the top of the canyons I kept having a few issues with the strap. I want to keep using the strap because not only is it made in the U.S.A., but this is one of my biggest concern. Whether, you’re staring down the biggest animal of your life, or the possibility of one over the canyon ridge, you don’t want to be messing with the strap. I found that as I came over the top, the strap kept snagging on my arrow on the rest. I ended up having to conscientiously, remember to grab my strap every time I thought  I was ready to face a giant buck over the canyon side. It would be nice if there was a hook for it so it would stay out of the way. When I am stalking I don’t usually have my quiver on my bow (I store it on my pack) so I couldn’t hook it on that. Other than that this sling shot did attach and I didn’t have any further issues.

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How was the Binocular Sling?

Bino and Rangefinder was helpful as well. However, I think I was probably using it incorrectly according to the way Slingit Customs suggests (so I am fully aware that may have been my problem). I cross shouldered the binoculars because I feel that with the double strap like this, it sits better and makes it easier to stalk because the binos are to your right or left. Instead of center chest. Although, I would love to see if this bino system could be turned into one like the Crooked Horn Outfitter ones. The latch on this system for the rangefinder was good, I just couldn’t find a comfortable place for it.


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How was the Bow Wrist Sling?

This was by far my favorite piece by Nate over at Slingit Customs. Here was the catch that absolutely made it for us; when I took it out of the packaging, I noticed a silver piece on the wrist sling and in it was our Hunting Product Guru logo. It was so awesome. We loved that special touch immensely. Hats off to Nate! At first I thought the wrist sling was going to be too bulky but after the easy installation it was very comfortable. When you first see it, you think it’s just like every other wrist sling. You couldn’t be more wrong. With the well crimped ends and your endless color choices, this is where you can really get a customized, very durable, handmade in the U.S.A.!


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So in conclusion:
All of Nate’s product from Slingit Customs are worth every penny. We plan on placing our order for more, very soon! Price point on his stuff, honestly are a little low in my opinion. For handmade product, that’s worth anything these days should be a little more. When you’re using any Slingit Product, you know you’re using something that will last. In our opinion, all of these products earned 5 shields out of 5. What are you waiting for, go order yours now! Slingit Customs



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