So last year I got the privilege of spending a lot of time getting reacquainted with my Creed Bow by Matthews. I went 10 years without picking up the bow because life went into overdrive. Now that it’s settle down somewhat (after – I married my college sweetheart, we bought a house, and had a beautiful baby boy), I finally got to squeeze some time in with my bow. For this review I’m talking specifically about an Archer’s Choice Rangefinder.

One pro that I found out was this bad boy withstood a beating by the weather. I typically go shoot on about 15 acres that my in-laws own and I keep my targets out there. I love shooting out there because it’s not only peaceful and beautiful but I can get long range shooting in. Which is what I was doing one day right before we had dinner reservations at a restaurant for someone’s birthday. Well, when my wife said it was time to go, as usual, I responded “1 more round”. I did what I always do, checked the yardage, 45yrds, set the rangefinder down and let a good group of arrows go at the target. Well went to get the arrows and ran to the truck after tucking them safely in the quiver. I FORGOT TO GET THE RANGEFINDER OFF THE GROUND!

So my dad and I went to Kerrville, Tx to a whitetail and exotics ranch called, Broken Spur Whitetails. Don’t get me wrong they have some of the best Whitetails in the hill country due to very great ownership and ranch management by Elton and Ginny Arceneaux but we were after some axis does. As you can tell we had a successful hunt but the elusive axis evaded me multiple times this trip. What made this trip even more memorable for me personally was, my father whom had emergency open heart surgery back in May of 2013, was sitting by my side. Our first trip together since his heart surgery 2 years back. It was such an emotional hunt for us both.

While the weather in Kerrville, was a cool 75 degrees, it was even colder back home in the 20’s and raining! When we got back from our trip I packed the bow up for a couple weeks because it was back to the grind for us both. Months of preparation paid off with a freezer full of meat and some of the best memories my dad and I will have until my son gets old enough to to hunt! A few months go by and I’m out just walking around the land when, you know what I found? My Rangefinder!

And it just happen to have rained earlier that week. Needless to say, I pickedit up and first thing I did, was try it out! Worked perfectly and is still working to this day. Only problem was one clip that holds the lanyard for neck placement broke. That was because this sucker was also in the middle of a trail that my brother-in-law often took. So not only did my Archer’s Choice Rangefinder survive extreme weather conditions but it survived who knows how many run overs. It’s not every test you want to put your optics/gear, to this extreme of a test but I’m glad it still works. Goes to show this Archers Choice Rangefinder is one extreme optic that’s ready to go through the mud with you and still work!