So you’re tired of buying the cheap pair of binoculars and you set out to find a new pair. Where do you even accurately start? That’s been one of my biggest problems because I have bought multiple Simmons (lower-end pair) Optics almost my whole hunting career but what usually ends up happening is the eyecups dry rotting off. This is probably due to the fact that I literally put my hunting gear through extreme conditions and sling around at will. Drop them. Leave them in the sun. Leave them randomly placed in my hunting bag in the off season. As you can tell my biggest problem with wanting to buy better binoculars is I want a pair that will last but I never want to spend the money on them because I literally am afraid of wasting my money.

This is where I think Vortex Optics really comes into play as a big contender to Nikon Monarch and Swarovski EL as a more affordable, yet just as dependable set of optics. Don’t get me wrong I love Nikon and Swarovski but for the average hunter like myself, that’s a little out of my budget. The pair we have to review and critique was the Diamondback series which retails starting at $189 and up.

One special thing to mention about Vortex is their VIP (Very Important Promise) Warranty. They vow to take care of every customer after the sale. The only thing the Lifetime Warranty doesn’t cover, according to their site, is lost, theft, or deliberate damage. Looks like this is the perfect company for me!


Gathered Light – This set of Optics gathered light decently well. I still haven’t got to use them in desperation to see that big buck in the last 15 mins of shooting light or anything. However, I did check the feeder in the first 15 mins of shooting light. Wasn’t the best I have seen. But it was manageable, at least for the price.

Clarity – Wow, was I ever impressed with clarity for this price! I have used the EL 10 x 42 ‘s from Swarovski regularly a few years ago when I was a guide and I would totally put this set of Vortex 10 x 42’s up to them any day.

Waterproof – At what point are binoculars on the market today not waterproof. This pair says they are I just haven’t tested that aspect yet. If I do, I will come back and update this review and let you guys know the outcome.

Cons –

Comfort – Now this is a mixed emotion for me and barely made a con. I think the only reason I didn’t find these as comfortable as the Swarovskis was because I have pretty big hands and the handle on this particular set seemed a bit small or took me longer than usual to find my comfort handle on these. Also the eyecups were a little small. But when I used them while wearing my eye glasses it was irrelevant. I didn’t really care for the ridges on the outside, didn’t add any functionality for me (as far as grip) but rather just made it a little uncomfortable.

So in this quick review, I hope you’re able to get enough out of it to make your call. We are giving it a 4 shields out of 5. Only reason it didn’t get 5 was because of the ridges. But if that’s something that doesn’t bother you, get this pair. For the price this really is a nice pair of optics. I look forward to all the things Vortex will be doing in the future.

p.s. – I can’t wait to try out their Razor HD or Haibab HD – the 20 x 56!!!