The moment I knew I wanted to start a podcast was a couple years ago. I have had my fair share of ups and downs about actually going through with doing it. But as of this year, 2017, and after meeting a new friend Jason Feldt of Bowhunter Box Club I KNEW it HAD to happen.

So on July 30th, 2017 Jason came over to the studio and the first podcast was underway… well, sort of.

I had already prepared the mics and levels were somewhat set. The software was blinking ready to record. Got the courage to finally start this podcast that had literally been years in the making. With headphones on, I inched up to the mic. Next thing I knew I sat there in silence. Half because I was making history in my eyes, but more than that I was nervous as hell and didn’t know how to begin.

After a few moments of silence (involuntarily), Jason said: “Just start…” – So, I did. The rest is history. The first podcast went very good. I didn’t know I would get so comfortable too quick. First few minutes I was nervous as hell though.

Then just like that “The Hunting Product Guru Podcast” was born. You can subscribe on iTunes, Podbean, and Sticher (as of the publishing of this post).

By listening to the first podcast, you’ll not only get an outline of what to expect in future episodes, but you’ll also hear the style of how the future episodes will be. Most guests will be over the phone but EVERY chance I get to do an in person interview, I will! You’ll also be hearing more from Jason in the future but if you want to go ahead and check out the previous article I wrote on Bowhunter Box Club, as well as get GREAT DISCOUNTS, read this post!

To those of you that subscribed and listened within the first 24 hours, thank you! Then the messages, phone calls, DMs that followed shortly after were nothing short of inspiring. Getting those messages, and how much you liked the first podcast (already wanting more), really confirms that going on this journey will be an adventure.