Broken Spur Ranch is a smooth 1000+ acres nestled in the hills around Kerr county, just outside of Kerrville, TX.

I’ve personally been to this ranch numerous times as a visitor but this last trip after Thanksgiving 2014, I went to do a little bow hunting. And was I ever impressed with their upgrades to their hunting “cabin”. If that’s what you want to call it. 🙂 it’s absolutely one of the nicest set ups I’ve seen. They’ve got 2 massive rooms set up to accommodate close to 10 or more hunters, very comfortably. Their hacienda style house is where you will get more than full because they cook and cater some of the best food from local restaurants. Then, when you walk across the hall you have access to a 10+ person home movie theater with reclining theater seats. While I was there, I took advantage and enjoyed some good ol’ college football — and it was awesome!

As far as the ranch goes, they’ve got all kinds of wildlife and to top that, some of the biggest whitetails in the area. While you’re making a trip through the whitetail pasture to go chase some exotics, you’re sure to see some whitetails that will give you some buck fever for sure, at least that’s what they gave me. But we were there to chase a few axis does that ranch owner Elton thought he could spare. Ha, that’s funny because he and his wife Ginny have brought up two really big herds of axis and they’re some of the hardest animals I’ve ever hunted, that’s for sure! But some of the game they have available are: Whitetail, Axis, Fallow, Black Buck, Elk, Red Stag, as well as many more exotics including African Animals.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check Em out, give em a call and tell them the hunting product gurus sent you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Broken Spur Whitetails