In a world where product prices seem to get at an all-time high, or so it seems. I don’t know about anyone else but I certainly feel refreshed when I find some that are innovative, work, and are affordable. This 2016 season I have dedicated to working from a budget as we just welcomed our 2nd child to our family. Here’s a quick list of top affordable products under $50, that if you don’t have, you might think about getting for your 2016 Hunting Season.

Cirrus Wind Indicator

$39.95 (free shipping until October 31st, 2016)

Cirrus Wind Indicator is top affordable product for 2016Big bucks are smart, here’s how you outsmart them. This wind indicator is ‘vapor like’ and until this past week, completely scent free. Jim Agnott and crew over at Cirrus just released their scent refill cartridges that have scents like Earth and Pine. The unit is rechargeable, comes with a micro usb charging cord, as well as your starting cartridge. Many have reported over 1,000 puffs per cartridge and the batter is long-lasting. The unit itself is more expensive than your traditional wind puffer/powder indicator but one factor the Cirrus takes into account because of the cirrus cloud technology, is ability to detect not only the slightest wind, but any thermal currents. With hot air rising, this technology comes in use when you’re wanting to know EXACTLY where your wind and thermal currents are coming and going from. This is an all new 2016 product and coming in at under $40, I mark this as affordable and useful! You can still buy this and use for the 2016 season.

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RRR Gun Rest

$19.95 + Shipping & Handling

digital-lgWhen you’ve set down the bow and ready to pick up the rifle to pack a little more meat in the freezer, you want to be ready and steady for that shot when the deer are on the run. Talking with Owner Claude, he says, “This is a gun rest for a shooter who is serious”. The thing I believe is whenever it comes to harvesting an animal, you owe it to that animal you’re chasing to be 100% accurate. This gun rest slips over the gun without damaging any of the elements of your rifle, doesn’t mess with barrel harmonics, all the while giving your a sturdy rest on any surface. Assembled in America product here and you won’t be disappointed about purchasing this product. Read full review here: Now »

Next Ridge Apparel

~ $20+

14134730_1151457024915545_584141046_nThere’s nothing more cool than some great looking swag. Whether you’re traveling to another camp or just wearing around town go check out Next Ridge Apparel. I ran across Next Ridge Apparel from their Instagram account and it didn’t take me long to place an order. Their business is not only faith based but has some of the greatest designs out there. They don’t have a lot of options but the options they do have is enough. I can’t wait to get a full wardrobe (7 days worth!). I know I have worn our my hat!Buy Now » Being a Faith | Family | Hunting kind of guy, like most of everyone else, I live by a budget. You’d be surprised, there’s things I have to put off getting because the family needs something. So finding affordable products is absolutely crucial and helpful. I love products that are innovative, that work, and importantly work!