Bow Hunter box club aims to give you a minimum of $60 – $70 worth of bowhunting related gear delivered to your door every month. This is the only bowhunter box on the market right now. Some of this gear could be a hot market item or something that’s fresh. This is great because it not only allows to try gear you’ve probably been wanting to but also to use the gear you didn’t know you’d need! From broadheads to scent control, knives and beyond, Bowhunter Box club is legit. So what are the costs?

Here’s how it breaks down and where you can get even more bang for your buck! Month to Month is $40. Then they have 3, 6, and 12 months pre-paid memberships. For 3 months it’s $115 (saves $5), 6 months it’s $225 (saves $15), then the biggest savings is the 12 Month for $440. Which, basically saves you a whole month box cost, which is $40.

So if you’re not totally excited about the Bowhunter Box Club yet, there’s one more thing that should sweeten the deal! They have an annual membership that’s an additional cost, which is called the VIP Pass Thru club (By the way I love the name – Pass Thru c’mon, that’s just awesome – fits the theme!). For a low cost of $79 a year (breaks down to under $7 a month), you are automatically entered into Monthly giveaways they do. Those giveaways can range from anything a 3D target all the way to a Hunting trip of a lifetime. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy ‘members only’ pricing on partners with Bowhunter Box Club.

How do you get started? Click on the link below and here are some codes to get you, even more, money off great deals!

  • HUNTGURU” – For 10% off your first month, of month-to-month
  • HUNTGURUVIP” – To receive $10 off your annual VIP Pass Thru Membership fee