So, here it is. I had the privilege to test out the new Ford F-150 DIESEL. With an initial rumble of the engine as they pulled up to drop it off, I knew that this was going to take some getting used to. After all, how would it compare to my dream truck the F-250? This is my high-level overview of this King Ranch Diesel edition.

At first, like I said, the rumble of the engine is very different. You expect to be seeing an F-250 with the sound of the 3.0L V6. That initial reaction when they dropped it off was my first indicator that this would be different. It has plenty of power for almost anything in town and even has some outer-city capabilities. I didn’t’ get to test them out but certainly loved the feel of this drive.

Who would I recommend this capable F-150 Diesel to? I would honestly recommend it to the guy who likes the longevity of a diesel but only really uses their current diesel as a daily driver. This model we had, came in at $59K (If I remember correctly) and although it’s worth it I would still want a 250. Doesn’t make this truck non-desirable. In fact, it’s probably one that if I didn’t do a lot of hunting, I would recommend myself getting.

With as much as I travel now, it just doesn’t make sense. I loved the feel of the truck, the power you could feel behind the wheel, and the beautifully rugged King Ranch interior – makes this one of my favorite trucks I have yet to drive in 2018!

I hope this gives you more of an opinion and a high-level overview of the new F-150 Diesel and can help along your journey of deciding on your next truck. One of the hardest decisions for me is vehicles. I honestly want more than I have room for. Oh well, guess that just gives more validity to needing a ranch with a big parking garage 🙂