This particular HME Handwarmer was shipped in a Bowhunter Box Club, as you can tell some items from the box are for more than just Bowhunting! If you’re tired of using disposable hand warmers or constantly dealing with bulky gloves, then the Hunting Made Easy Hand Warmer from GSM Outdoors is for you. This product is very convenient in that it’s palm-sized, rechargeable, and very cost efficient compared to the disposable hand warmers. The hand warmer fits nicely in your pocket and warms up fast. Charging is an easy task as the device requires, and comes with, the common Android cable. The average time to charge is around 2 hours if the device is dead.

A nice size comparison between a Crappie and the HME Hand Warmer.

There are multiple features within the HME hand warmer: two different heat settings, a flashlight, and there is a USB plug in to charge your other devices while in the field. To turn on the hand warmer for heat settings, hold down the power button. This will turn on the “warm” setting and may take up to 15 seconds to warm up. To switch to the “hot” setting, click the power button once. Hold down the power button to turn off. The flashlight has two different settings as well: regular flashlight and strobe. Double click the power button for regular and triple click for strobe. Do the reverse to turn the light off. The device has two smaller lights to determine which action you are using. The red button will slowly flash while the “warm” setting is in use and will flash faster when the “hot” setting is in use. The blue button will flash while the device is charging and will be continuous once fully charged.

While this product may be called the Hunting Made Easy Hand Warmer, it is a staple in everyday use, especially during Wisconsin winters.
I really enjoyed using this in the field, or rather, on the ice. I have only had the HME Hand Warmer for about two months so I haven’t been able to use it during hunting season. The device is small enough to fit in my pocket so I was able to let it sit in my pocket in my farm chore bibs to warm my core or inside my fishing bibs. My fishing bibs don’t have a pocket on the torso so I was able to let the warmer sit between my midriff and the upper bib material. This doesn’t just keep your torso warm but it creates a nice heated pouch to warm your hands and protect from the wind when the tip-ups aren’t going off or jigging is really slow. I love this product so much that I take it everywhere. During the Polar Vortex, I made sure to have it fully charged when I would drive anywhere in the event that my truck would break down. This would also be a great product for cold sports outings or events ie. college football games or snowmobile races and everything in between.

The HME Hand Warmer is the perfect ice fishing accessory!

Written by: Outdoor Girl Jess