It’s been reported that deer rely on their sense of smell more than any other sense they have, by many reputable sources. As an avid hunter trying to outsmart an old wise buck, or any deer for that matter, can seem impossible at times. Whether it be the rut, a hot doe, or some other element, these deer can be hard to find at the right time, and that right magical place. So getting serious with cirrus is about to make more sense, using patent pending vapor like ‘cirrus cloud’ technology, Cirrus Wind Indicator is the only wind indicator on the market that is affordable, safe to travel with, and you can check the slightest wind and thermal winds. Quickest way to say all that is, it’s simply the most responsive wind indicator ever made and available on the market!

Let’s take a look at some of the elements that help rise Cirrus above the rest:

Vape vs. Powder

The traditional wind indicators are the odorless powder and the biggest disadvantage that they have is they don’t take into account the thermals. When you’re at different altitudes these wind indicators may not perform to the best of their ability and display the results that will allow you to position yourself for the best possible chance at a harvest. At different altitudes, air is thinner and thicker, and when on a hunt of a lifetime you might find yourself in a pocket where detecting the slightest winds can make the difference. This is when the uncloggable vapor takes the advantage over powder.

The Lanyard

When you’ve hunted in blinds you’ve probably not needed a lanyard or thought having one is handy. However, in spot and stalk situations where wind is critical and can shift in an instant, having your wind indicator ready at a moment’s notice is very important. Is it a bit heavy hanging from the neck but the technology it offers, ironically outweighs that in my opinion. It has an easy to snap attachment to the lanyard, that is also extremely quiet.

Rechargeable and battery life

Right out of the package the Cirrus Wind Indicator needs to be charged. I timed my first charge and it only took about 45 mins. If you think that’s long just start the charge while you’re loading your truck for the lease. At only 45 mins to charge, I have yet to recharge mine and it’s been off the charger for 2 months. So battery life is very great!

How long does the vape last?

On packaging Cirrus claims they can last up to 1,000 puffs. Which if you don’t think that’s a lot, I challenge you to count 1,000 puffs. Actually, as I sat down and tried to do it I only got to about 300 puffs and my arm was pretty sore! While I won’t say for certain it will go for 1,000 puffs, I believe the text on the package. I have roughly about 500 puffs on my cloud formula cartridge and it’s still just as strong as the very first puff. I have left my unit in humid conditions, and dry. After picking it up, it still works perfect and strong puffs.

Price for the Cirrus, is it fair?

When I first heard of Cirrus at the ATA show in 2016, it was reported by others, not Cirrus, that the price point wasn’t released, but that it would be high. So glad those rumors were far from the truth. The starter unit that comes with one cloud formula cartridge, one micro usb charger, and one Cirrus Wind Indicator, retails for $39.95! If our report on the Cirrus Wind Indicator has intrigued you, you can go purchase the unit at

What’s on the horizon at Cirrus Outdoors…

Jim, owner of Cirrus Outdoors, sent a care package that had, not only the Cirrus Wind Indicator starter unit that retails for only $39.95 but also their very new scented cartridges. When I first heard of Cirrus I was wondering if they had scented cartridges. Glad they came out with them. Using Pine, I can certainly spray a few puffs in my truck and not complain about it one bit. Smells great and the earth formula certainly will be a great addition to the formulas. As I was literally writing this review, Cirrous came out with Acorn, and something tells me they’re not done growing the line-up. So keep an eye on this very new company and product. Cirrus is on the rise, pun intended!