I personally think one of the coolest ideas to come about has been the monthly subscription based gear boxes. Being a company that tries to focus on getting honest feedback about gear, I have noticed it’s hard to try out everything. Outdoor Box Club is another subscription based company but they take the boxes a step further, by packing in product that tailors to your taste in the outdoors. So if you’re into hiking, hunting, etc. Outdoor Box Club has the box for you. Every month starts out with the same box, which is what I received in January. Here’s my evaluation of that first initial box.

When I first opened the box I liked the packaging because it didn’t come with fluff or filler. Just product that mattered for the outdoor enthusiast. I believe I received the hunting “package”, If there were different boxes to receive I didn’t have a clear understanding of which one I got. But let’s get into the box.

Raptor Razor – MAKO precision cutting knife
Value – $29.99

One of the sharpest knives I have every used. I love the t-shaped handle as it makes for a natural grab and “claw” at whatever you’re cutting.

Raptor Razor – MAKO replacement blade
Value – $7.49

Quiet Band Hearing Protection by Howard Leight
Value – $9.99

Hearing protection can’t be stressed enough. These bands fit snuggly into your ear and when not using they gently ride around your neck.

Super Leight Earplugs with Cord
Value – Close to $30/100 pair ($.30 each)

These corded Earplugs are great for not only shooting events but any loud event you can think of.

UVEX A700 Safety Glasses
Value – $2.39

Along with hearing pretection, eye protection is highest on the list for protection. These UVEX A700 Saftey Glasses are great and don’t fog up when wearing.

Instafire Fire Starter
Value – $9.99/8 pack ($1.24 each)

This single Instafire Pouch will start up to 4 fires and burns at 1000 degrees for 10 – 15 mins. Great addition to your pack!

Dart Bags – Deer Peel n’ Stick Target Cover
Value – $7.00

The Deer Peel and stick target cover allows you to practice on a “real deer” without the need for a 3D target. Also Dart Bags has plenty of other fun archery games to get everyone outdoors and utilizing the while target, thus it lasting longer and not getting “shot out” spots.

Bug Band Insect Repellant Wipes
Value – $.99

These wipes are said to be some of the best and repel the pesky bugs!

Klymit Cush Pillow/Seat
Value – $16.95

The Klymit Cush Pillow/Seat is a great relief cushion for sitting or using as a pillow. This is great for camping/hiking/back country hunting trips. Ad to be included in the box and your pack – it’s an all around great value.

With a total value at over $76 – this initial Outdoor Box from Outdoor Box Club makes it completely worth the value. Now will you use all the product in the box? That’s the question and risk you run when you sign up for subscriptions like this. But I can tell you, I sure will I will utilize everything in this initial box and I look forward to it!

They have plenty of boxes and after receiving the first one, they’re going to all be well worth what you pay for your subscription. They have “plans” that run from $42 (one-time box) to $30/Mo. (12 Months). I was impressed with this initial box and can’t wait to see what next month brings. Go get your subscription started at www.outdoorboxclub.com