Here’s the no BS #preworkoutbattle breakdown:

Flavor – both were great. For the Mtn Ops it was flavorful but the mountain berry was extremely good!!! It was my favorite flavor thus far!

Crash & Energy – neither one gave me a crash afterward. I personally LOVED that I could literally feel when the Redy Nutrients kicked in. It has 2000mg more Beta-alanine and I could feel it!

Check out & Shipping process – I didn’t like the checkout process of Mtn Ops . I had to create an account and that hassle of choosing a secure password was extremely difficult on the phone. Redy Nutrients came in 3 days vs. Mtn ops getting here in 2 but the checkout process of Redy Nutrients was extremely easy.

This may sound like I’m being politically correct but I never got in the review game to bash anything or anyone. So Mtn Ops is a great company, that does great marketing. I love their products and they’re effective. BUT for the #preworkoutbattle I choose Redy Nutrients – there are less extra fillers in there and I get the burst of energy with extreme focus. I know less about Redy Nutrients but from what I can tell Donnie is a great individual. I look forward to getting to know him and the whole crew.

I encourage you to try both and get your own opinion but this is my review of both pre-workouts. I hope it helps.
**both pre-workouts were 30 servings and within $3 of each other. #TheGuruNation #HuntingProductGuru