No matter what the hunting situation the Muddy Bull Box Blind can be of assistance and comfort. In a snug shooting lane? The Bull Box is there for you! Hunting over open fields? Simply add the Tower.

The thick Therma-Tek panels for the wall, floor constructed of durable Joist and Sheeting, then the roof made from heavy-duty rotational moded plastic. The Blind itself takes up about 6′ square and 6.5′ tall. Enough space to not feel cramped for a long sit.

Large interior, durable carpet, full size door with locking entry, and 8 windows makes this the perfect blind for any situation. You have the ability to hunt with any weapon, bow, crossbow, and gun. Not many blinds are this spacious and functional like this.

The tower combo is a must have if your needing to see larger territory. The tower itself stands 10′ tall has a spacious 43″ x 20″ landing for a safe and secure area to enter and exit the blind. Comes with 4 – 24″ leg stakes and a 30″ ground anchor with cable and turnbuckle. Total weight is only 330 lbs. making this an easy install with 2 adults, but secure enough to withstand some of that West Texas high winds. Lastly the entire base is powder-coated steel for durability and safety in any weather condition.

The Bull (Blind Only): $2,499.99
Muddy Tower (Tower Only): $699.99
Muddy Box Blind Combo: $3,199.99

I personally think this is one of the nicest blinds on the market, unless you’ve got one better let me know here. I do however think their pricing needs some help or incentivizing for customers to WANT to purchase the ladder base. If you want the combo, you actually pay 1ยข more :). Nowadays, a combo should be an incentive but reason there’s not one here is the price for this tower, is a fair price. Many tower blinds like this in Texas, I have seen go for $4,000 or more. So just a smidgen over $3,000 is a good price. If you’ve got it, I suggest it!

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