Muzzle Force One, a compression strap
By: Justin Wegner


Shooting a firearm, safely.So you’ve been trying to hone your skill at freehand shooting. There’s a trick I have been using when shooting freehand which was to wrap my hand around the existing strap then use that torque to steady the shot. The only problem with this method, for me at least, was the torque you were applying was pushing/pulling to one side or the other. Read on, how Muzzle Force One solves this issue.

The innovation with the Muzzle Force One, is it’s a basic loop strap that connects to your existing strap. Then you can apply that force towards your shooting shoulder. I felt like with a smaller window of a shot, this strap could make the difference in a perfect shot at 100 yards or so. I was aiming at a limb about 250 – 275 yards and felt completely steady. I was more than amazed and to be honest, my doubts were instantly diminished at that point.

How many applications could this $16 attachment be used for? Literally, the possibilities are endless. As I sit here writing this, I have the latest edition of “Bowhunting World” magazine sitting next to me. This strap could easily be used to increase that accuracy on your shotgun for turkey season.

Now I am sure you’re wanting to get your hands on the Muzzle Force One strap and that’s easy – head over to their website and complete your order. Muzzle Force One compression straps easily switch from gun to gun but that won’t stop us from having them on all of our guns. I see it as, you may always want to steady your shot by leaning on a tree or a using shooting sticks, but in the event that big buck presents the unpredictable shot. Or maybe you want to tag that coyote who is skirting out in a field running full speed. This strap, if already on your gun, allows you to be ready for that moment of truth.


I haven’t YET used this strap to harvest an animal. The keyword there is, “yet”. I have every intention of getting out to the lease this year to put the bead on an animal using the Muzzle Force One Compression Strap.



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