Products create memories….a review of a product, 22 years in the making.

So many products can play such a big role in making a hunt comfortable and serve it’s purpose. However, did you ever think that a memory might be attached? Well I found out they do, as I was preparing for the upcoming hunt with my son this year in Nebraska. We had been planning this trip, trying to make things affordable and use what gear we have without buying too much. We all have budgets and need to balance our love of the sport with our family budgets. That is a whole other topic.

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Well time was getting close within two weeks of leaving and we were planning our trip to Bass Pro & Cabela’s to get the things we still needed. I had gone to my work shop and pulled out my comprehensive range of gear that I have acquired over the years. As I was pulling the several pairs of gloves out, I noticed I was having a memory about a particular hunt. Yes, just from a little article of clothing. One pair of gloves which I had bought for a hunt I was filming with Warren Strickland and Bass Pro. Then I pulled out another article of clothing and I noticed it was an Icebreaker hand warmer that I had purchased back in November of 1993 at Cabela’s in Sydney, Nebraska on a hunt with my father and good friend Donnie Rex. This is how important we feel product reviews are for your hunt. Not only does it have memories, which I will get to in a minute, but if you have good products that you purchase they can and will be around for years to come, if you take care of them. That is why Justin and I believe it’s not only the product, but it’s the trip you take it on and the memories you create.

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Back to the story…Donnie and I had planned this trip for months. I grew up in Nebraska and my father still lived there, so we knew we would meet up with him. I explained to Donnie how great the hunting was. When I was a kid, I had the chance to hunt this area plenty of times. I just didn’t know enough about hunting but I knew from other fellow hunters that they had harvested some really big bucks.

So on this trip, back in 1993, we decided to go hunt the river bottoms of Nebraska. We spent months getting ready and luckily drew the buddy tags for the trip. This really was an exciting time for this trip and looked forward to hunting with my father. But also special for me because we were hunting on land owned by a man whom had let us hunt there when I was a kid. Once we got to our hunting area, we noticed we had a severe temperature drop and it was going to be down in the low teens and single digits, so we decided we would make a trip to Cabela’s in Sydney, Nebraska. This was a few hours drive and was also in treacherous weather conditions. I had grown up in the era when Cabela’s was a garage of Dick Cabela, when he was just starting his legacy. So to go to the first real big store was going to be a treat. Back then there was only one Cabela’s store in the world. When we realized we needed gear, we took off because what’s 2 hours when your away from a store like that? Upon arrival, we discovered some amazing products, of which I purchased this infamous Icebreaker (pictured above). This was supposed to keep my hands warm in below zero temperatures and to ensure the warmth of my hands to make the shot. Back then the only product reviews they had were in magazines. There was no social media, nor did we even know what that meant. But we did know that Cabela’s had superior products and that’s why we went.  Yes, as you might imagine how’d this hunt went, I was able to shoot a really nice buck after sitting for many hours and it kept my hands warm for hours. The hunt was amazing and was able to spend some amazing time with my father and my best friend. These are times that you don’t forget.

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I believe that hunting products are more than just a product. If used and taken care of they are a vessel for memories and hunts to come in the future. As I reflected while going thru my hunting totes, I was flooded with memories of special times. Now the next story awaits to be told. Stories made with my son, whom I will venture with into the Midwest to share the same gear from 22 years ago. All in all, the entire scenario has a place in my heart…the purchase of the product has a story…the use of the product has a story, how we used the product has a story, and last but not least the ultimate ending of the next story making your next memory. Remember at Hunting Product Guru, “Great long lasting products, create vast memories that last a lifetime”. God Bless till we share the next hunting trip!

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