Here’s my full review of onX Hunt Maps – for Texas. Is it worth $30/yr?

Many of you know the saga of finding a deer lease here in Texas. If you don’t know how hard it is to find a lease, for a decent price, you might not be hunting in Texas. (disclaimer: I am pretty against paying a ton of money for a lease). Read on for more of onX Hunt Maps

I found myself the other day looking to go with a good Hunting GPS Map without having to buy a Garmin or something like that. I would prefer to have little electronics as possible in the field. So after sifting through a few (I won’t name as reviews of those coming later), I decided on onX Hunt Maps. My main reason for deciding on them first was, I really thought that going with this $30 annual fee would have everything I wanted.

I was looking for:

  • Reliable off network download map(s).
  • Great Overlay of landowner(s).
  • Topo Coverage
  • Up To date-ish (I know this is a hard one but wanted it anyway.)
  • And location marking.

Reliable off network download map(s).

The app itself and account was easy to get set up. That’s great. When getting started the UI (User Interface) was a bit wonky. Some of the icons were confusing to me. I kept hitting wrong buttons. I can’t even tell you what buttons I was hitting. Just know that it wasn’t going where I thought it would. Once I finally figured out the area where you ‘select tiles’ (recommended up to 10), I did that. First time, it seemed to work. Took almost 30 mins to download 9 tiles. (pictures below). Once it downloaded I don’t know where it went but seemed to vanish. I couldn’t ever figure where it went, so I turned my phone on airplane mode then thought it might show up as a saved map. That wasn’t the case. So I turned phone back off airplane mode and tried downloading map tiles. Nothing ever happened. Just a confusing process.


Location Marking

Next biggest desire was to mark stands, camp, and trails. I seriously wasn’t able to get this at all. I marked what I thought was 2 stands and camp. I still can’t pull them back up.

The only version of onX Hunt Maps I have tried was the iPhone App, on my iPhone 6. App was easy to get started just never worked like I hoped. This doesn’t mean their other areas aren’t better, maybe the desktop version or GPS one?

I rarely have to say anything negative about a product without having some sort of solution but I feel like Texas is the last to get up-to-date mapping features. I am assuming because it’s so big or whomever they rely (google ??) for mapping isn’t up to date. My point is: I couldn’t get the app to remember my location points and off network wasn’t reliable or up to date. This to me isn’t justifiable to keep spending $30 per year on. The user interface needs some adjustment. Now if onX Hunt Maps is reading this, I sure hope they take this as constructive criticism because I am sure for the midwest or other parts of the country, where relying on landowner info (permissions) is critical, or up to date info is readily available, this GPS mapping may work better. I can speak for the area I was searching for it wasn’t great at all and I am currently trying to figure out how to not only stop my $30 subscription but getting a refund. I would like to use the app for more testing in other states but each state is a subscription cost. Kind of a downfall. Keep spending $30 a year if you’re a big out of state hunter wanting to travel.

If you have any advice or thoughts, please leave a comment below. Perhaps another app to try that you’ve wanted or actually used. Thanks in advance.