A Revolution in Archery Training from Accubow
By: Justin Wegner


Accubow is setting the industry bar high on effective, useful, stylish tools for archery training. This is what Accubow deems as a “Revolution in Archery Training.” I must say, I am sold and here’s why.

Ever wanted to get some training in while watching tv? Ever only had time to “go shoot” but maybe your shooting location is a bit far? Accubow is that answer. It’s quick, when your low on time, and effective when you need it most. Whether you’re a beginner or master with a bow, Accubow helps it all.

Here’s a video that I try to review while my son was with me. If you know me at all, you know I am a family first kinda guy. Getting out to video review is something hard to do while having a young family. So I take every opportunity (not burdened) to spend with my son. I contemplated whether to use this as the official video review of Accubow but then I thought, ‘no better way to show off how a product works while busy than now”. Accubow is one of the best archery training tools that will help make you a better archer.

Luke (2yrs old) can draw the Accubow back with ease, at the lowest setting of course. He loves practicing with me. Then when it’s my turn, I easily cranked up the “Accubow” dial located at the bottom of the limb. Turning clockwise increases the resistance. The training band is rated at from 10lbs – 70lbs. Since training weight pulled goes off your draw weight, I have only got it up to 62 lbs. Pulling the weight back for a few pulls doesn’t get you fatigued much at all, it’s the consistent draws that do. Focusing on body movement, range of motion, and stealth is when you start to feel it.

The Accubow is definitely a Revolution in Archery Training. At a price tag of only $150 you owe it to the game you hunt to be as prepared as you possibly can be. So, go check em out and let them know you’re interested. www.Accubow.com 



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