I am back!!!! Guys I have been gone for a while keeping up with the Podcast and doing cool unboxing videos live on our Hunting Product Guru Instagram account. A product I am excited to share my experiences with, Scent Ballz. If you’re interested in Scent Attractants that will last especially in adverse weather conditions, then go check out Scent Ballz. First let me tell you about my experience, what they are, and how they work!

What are Scent Ballz? They are a little gel-like scent polymers that you sprinkle on the ground or put in a scent dispenser. One of their biggest advantages over a scent dripper, or even a bottle of doe pee is that they stay on top of the soil. That means they won’t dry up as quick as your bottle of liquid will.

Laying out Scent Ballz Can O Corn to attract whitetail deer this hunting season.

Now, do they work?! YES! Absolutely. I had the opportunity to put Can o Corn out a few weeks ago and in less than 36 hours I had a doe come check that out. Pics below! No it wasn’t a buck but one thing I have learned in hunting is hunt where there are does! When that rut hits, you’ll want them around.

I did go check the scent dispenser and found that the great Texas Heat had dried up the ballz. As stated earlier though, one of the greatest things about the Scent Ballz is the way they handle id adverse weather conditions. With moisture in the air, snow, & rain the Scent Ballz actually last longer and don’t’ dry up. That means they will last longer.

A tip on using the dispenser, when you’re done hunting, close it up or leave it open very little. The polymers will last even longer if you can do that.

Overall, I really do like the Scent Ballz. I can’t wait get some trail camera pics with bucks using some of their doe in heat attractors. If you’re interested in checking them out please go to www.scentballz.com . Send them a message and let them you read the review here!