If you’ve been in the woods, the whole idea is to never be seen or heard. According to University of Georgia scientists’ research**, they’ve concluded that deer hear to better than we do. However, that does mean that any noise we hear that we make, they likely hear. One of the biggest mistakes I think we’ve all made is when it comes crunch time, that perfect moment where “it all comes together”, we end up making noise by accidentally hitting something in our stand. The reason this makes me chuckle is as I write this I am reminded of this season when a doe almost busted me when I moved my tree stand seat down. Continue to read how I believe Sound Barrier Hunting is working to help hunters that accidentally make the ‘clink’ noise.

The perfect solution to prevent sound busted hunts, especially in this scenario, is the Sound Barrier Hunting – Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick. I was given a role of each to test. Once applied to contact points of my tree stand seat and frame, I know longer had to worry about my seat making that “clink” sound. I forgot to take a picture of it showing. The image below is the seat I have turned down. I was pleased with the noise reduction this Sound Barrier Hunting provided.

The only drawback I found from the Sound Barrier Hunting product was that if you didn’t intend on using the whole role, then decided to keep it in your pack (like I did), it ended getting really jacked up. Would be cool if they came in a round plastic case because I found that using it on my contact points, I had to use very little. There was a plus side to this, it allows the Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick to go further. There are certainly use cases where wrapping your bow hanger in it to reduce the noise is helpful, so you may not run into that problem.

In case you’re wondering, the Sound Barrier that you apply if applied correctly and to a clean surface will stand the test of the season for sure. With this being my only season, I don’t have much more than a season with it. It withstands rainstorms and doesn’t wither away.

Each role costs $14.99 and I found that I didn’t need to use a bunch to that $15 could last me a couple seasons. However, as I am writing this I am thinking of other areas I plan on using it next year. I would recommend this product easily and stand behind what it does; reduces noise so when that “chance of a lifetime comes” you don’t BUST the hunt!

Here’s a video from their youtube channel that provides a great look at how the Buck Bumper could be applied.

**: http://www.realtree.com/deer-hunting/articles/busted-five-things-you-don-t-know-about-deer-senses