With Winter weather finally upon us, the most easily overlooked accessory for cold weather is the hand warmer. When you’re out hunting keeping your hands warm is key to hunting longer. The Roo Outdoor Inferno hand warmer is one of the sleekest, ergonomic, and effective hand warmer I have ever used.

From the moment of un boxing you could easily tell the Inferno Terrain (Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo) was well made. Features a great feel, inside and out, and has a great wind breaking textile – PolarTec Insulation Technology. The PolarTec helps keep your hands warm and mostly dry, even in the harshest of technologies. The Inferno Terrain, which we were set 2 to test, not only feels great but once strapped has other features that help when you’re outdoors. The non-slip grip on the inside of the adjustable belt that fits from 27” to 46” waists is great, and also has a stitched-on ammo holder. This is likely going to be used by duck hunters who want to carry extra shells, but in their pictures they display center fire rounds in there, just doubled up. I didn’t test that but something tells me they’d easily slip out – so I would stick to just shotgun shells.

Also on the pouch, for convenience, there’s a waterproof bonded zipper pocket – that keeps everything inside it dry. Once opened you’ll find a “Made in the U.S.A.” badge that made me not only happy but relieved. Side note: when someone takes the time and money, like professional quarterback Mike Kafka did to invent a product and keep in made in the U.S.A. – you can always tell they pay attention to a lot of detail(s). Back to it, the pocket not only is waterproof but will efficiently house your hot hands, giving you an extra 5 – 7 hours of additional heat, as well as any other small additional accessories.

The above picture was me using the Inferno terrain on my first Turkey Trot in Dallas, Tx.

Now down to cost on the Inferno Hand warmer. If you order between now and 12 days after Christmas you will see they are $10 off. Even without the discount this useful and quite effective hand warmer is only $59. I have used others but none have compared to the Roo Outdoor Inferno Terrain. Head over to http://www.roooutdoor.com