When I look at my kids, I don’t know about you, but I see a golden opportunity. A blank canvas for God. I see so much road left to travel. I see being a father as that opportunity to facilitate their relationship with God and be the leading example. Hopefully one day, they’ll look back at life and be proud of the decisions I made over their life.

Tuesday evening I was talking with my wife going over some stuff that I’d like to get by this weekend’s hunting trip. In the plans I said, “I’d like to go shoot my bow as much as…”, before I knew it my 2 year old son came running in and interrupted me. He proceeded to ask me if he could go with daddy to shoot his bow. My wife snagged a picture just as we were getting the truck loaded to go shoot our bows.

Being a father; aim high and intentionally

With my new New Breed Archery Genetix and Mathews Creed in hand(s) while he had his nerf bow with light up arrows, off we went.

While we were gone I looked back at my son and just am in awe of where God had put me. There’s been times over the past few months where I have been searching. Wondering what I need to be doing. This night of going to shoot I knew exactly where I was. I was directly where God wanted me. I took the time to show my son about how we respectfully shoot our bows, and retrieve arrows.

Tonight shooting our bows was part of what I learned but I also learned another aspect to being a father. It’s simple yet effective. Just to be there for them and allow God to work on his time. My son was so proud to be with his daddy and I was proud to be with my son. We didn’t get to shoot long, as we were racing against time but the time we did get was memorable. The ability to spend time with my kids is everything to me. If you’re ever around me I will always remind him to use his manners like, “yes sir”, “no sire”, but you’ll likely always hear me tell him randomly, “I love you”. I want my son to know that his dad, this tough, rugged man (as he sees me), that I love. I have an undying love and understanding for God and I hope that pours through me onto him.

So tonight he thinks we were just shooting our bows and I hope this will be a picture will be one he looks back on and remembers, “That’s my dad and I am proud of him.” Being a father I am learning so much everyday. Living each day with my family aiming accurately and intentionally.

Psalm 103:13 – As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;