Where to find a 'Hunting Lease in Texas'?
By: Justin Wegner


We are quickly approaching mid-March and this is certainly the time to be finalizing new leases/your first lease/another addition. Making that important, calculated decision is so crucial in timing for the rest of the year. As we’ve grown we have certainly found that we need a lease to go to at a moments notice to test these amazing products that we get sent. Start managing from scratch, set up food plots (if applicable), set up blinds, feeders, etc.

Quickly, here’s our goal: To help document the process from searching out a new lease, how to set up a new lease, and everything in between the beginning to the freezer.

As I mentioned earlier, where you search for a lease is so important. You certainly want to create a checklist of your needs then wants. Everyone wants a lease that is producing big deer but if you expect to get on a lease that already has that, you better be ready to throw down some money. In our search we found that spots for those ‘already producing bid deer’ were going upwards of $5,000 – $8,000… PER HUNTER. No guests.

So here’s a list of our needs:

  • We would like a lease within 250 miles of home.
  • Would like the possibilities to hunt: Hog, Turkey, and Deer. (So we have something we can pursue at any given time of the year.
  • NEED land for at lease 2 hunters.
  • Budget: Would like to stay under or at $3,000.
  • Preferably a lease that has a water source
  • Place for a camper, any other necessary hookups.

Updates coming and future posts of our process and how we think some various time-savers we think YOU could use.


Here’s who we’re using in help to find a lease. So far we really like it but see some enhancements it could use. Stay tuned on that review! Hunting Locator

Hunting Locator - Find a Hunting Lease in TexasThanks #TheGuruNation



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