If you’ve hunted long at all, you know that anything other than the normal Whitetail or Mule Deer is just down right cool. There’s big ranches all across the U.S. that have your typical monsters but they also have exotics. These exotics aren’t native to the U.S.,  but they’ve been brought over and have simply flourished. Same with Barbary Sheep or also known as Aoudad. They’re native to North Africa but in the Texas heat they survive just fine. Check out Rey’s awesome shot on a free-range Aoudad killed just outside of Austin, Texas.

Rey, “I scouted this place out a month and a half prior… where I saw a herd of Aoudad”. Rey who knew they were in the area went up on a weekend with his wife (videographer), hoping to show his wife the ropes and possibly get on a nice buck. Having hunted all his life he knew how rare this opportunity was and he simply capitalized. Rey recalled the hunt in an exclusive 1st interview where he said, “I saw 4 does come in on a morning where the cool front hit… I noticed they kept looking back.” Rey went on to say, “there was a moment where I finally got to look back to my right and saw the Aoudad pop up over the hill with the sun behind him. I said don’t move at all he’s coming”.

Rey knew the moment the beast was coming in that this was his chance. He had prepped and put down some Big and J BB2 feed. “He came right to it man!” Rey said. For a free-range animal to come to an attractant like that for over 100 yards, you know that’s a Long Range attractant that works. This is an attractant that I personally am using for the first time this year. More reports to come.

Rey took the shot on the monster 33″ Aoudad Brute at 22 yards. Believe me the voice I heard in the interview was still on cloud 9 even though this kill was on morning of October 8th. Great job Rey and to your wife for capturing such a memorable time. This will surely be a moment you won’t forget.

If you’re interested to hunt with Rey T. and AJ Ranch please go check them out at their facebook page. As you can see they’ve got plenty of animals. All photos and video credit to Rey T. & AJ Ranch.