Rolling the Sandhills and River Bottoms to Hunt Nebraska. In search of big mature Mule Deer and Whitetail with our bow and muzzleloader.

Hey followers and fellow hunting enthusiasts! Well, I am writing this a few days before we leave for the planned Frenchman/Platte Area of Southwest Nebraska. We’ve set up maps, spotted fields and draws that we intend to hunt. Made endless, expensive trips to outdoor proshops getting gear, we thought we would need. We’ve identified some great areas that my dad’s cousin, who we are hunting with, had seen great animal activity years prior.

What we’re hunting:

We are buying 3 permits. In Nebraska, as an out of state hunter you can hold up to 2 statewide buck tags. We are purchasing 2; 1 Muzzleloader and 1 Archery buck tag. This was a tedious research mission I was on. There’s certain areas of Nebraska that is under Mule Deer conservation– the Platte and Frenchman Areas both fall under that blanket. What does this mean? It means, that for both of these areas we are ONLY allowed to shoot a Mule Deer Buck or Whitetail Buck with our Bows and with the Muzzleloader we’re only allowed to take a Whitetail Buck or Doe. See why my head hurt trying to figure this out. Unfortunately, their site was NOT user friendly or easy to understand for an out of state hunter. I will say, their friendliness of the Game and Parks permit department made up for that. The final permit we’re buying, and you have to pay attention to what area you’re hunting, is 1 doe permit. You can have unlimited doe permits but you must call and check to see how many permits that area still has available.


We both will be taking our, well practiced, Mathews bows. We’re both comfortable shooting up to 40 – 50 yards. We’re aiming to get within 25 yards of a big mature Nebraska Mule Deer!

Also – for whitetail we will be hunting either our Bows or we’re taking our T/C Encore Muzzleloader. Which we sited in and gave some background info on us getting ready here.


This is my first time to hunt the Nebraska (aka The Sleeping Giant of big bucks). I have so many emotions for so many various reasons.

You see, my dad used to take an annual trip to Nebraska to hunt with his friend Donnie and my grandpa. Dad was from Nebraska. They would come back with not only some of the biggest bodied deer a Texas boy had ever seen, but came back with some of the most memorable stories you could ever hear. Listening to stories of Boone & Crockett bucks that slipped just out of range or close misses that they tried holding their heads high on. No matter what, they came back with the biggest smile and some HUGE trophies they they still cherish to this day. I must admit, hearing the stories, just never gets old.

Stay tuned to the site, as I will be posting daily struggles and triumphs I am sure we are to face headed to hunt the Sleeping Giant – Nebraska.