Hey guys,

This is a bit unusual for a post but one I felt compelled to share, as I have had many people reach out to me and say, “continue what you’re doing!”, or “I love what you do, keep it up”. These are actual quotes from over 20 people. I wanted to share how I have stayed motivated since the start of Hunting Product Guru in 2013. Have I had many ups? Yes. Have I had my share of downs? YOU BET. There’s been one thing that’s been constant through it all, I WILL NOT QUIT!

Be the one to motivate and stay positive!I recently was guided to a video from the Jocko Podcast titled “Good”, by a new buddy of mine Jason from Bowhunter Box Club – who I feel will be a lifelong friend. This video encapsulates so well my attitude towards everything in life. Was it the way I knew I had felt? No. As a matter a fact, I knew that anytime I get knocked back down, the only thing I knew to do… was to get back up! This note from my desk, if you will, is more of a testimony and to motivate you to NEVER GIVE UP!

Hunting Product Guru started with a 0 base following. It’s now over 16,000! Thank you! We finally are selling shirts to help fund HPG and to continue to give good honest feedback and reviews to products that you care about!

Has it been overnight? NOPE! I have had so many downs through this journey it’s unreal. With the release of my first shirt and sales sucking, my father and I splitting on this journey (we still have a decent relationship, just can’t work together), all the way to trying to juggle being a good husband, father, and friend (and trying to live a healthy lifestyle). Somedays it’s hard to stay motivated. It’s so easy to give up. Which is why so many people do. So, while I am not giving up I certainly don’t want you to give up.

Whatever you choose to do in life, give it your all. Give it your all, EVERY DAY. Even on days, you don’t feel like it because those days are when it counts the most.

My challenge to you is to stay motivated and find some way to motivate others.


Thanks for reading and if you find this useful to you, please share! It’s the first step in helping motivate others!
-Justin W.