A battle of whether you’re a Bass Pro Fan or Cabela’s fan has been in full swing for a good half a century. Bass Pro opening a short 10 years after Cabela’s proves that this country loves the outdoors and preparing for various hunting and fishing seasons.


At The Hunting Product Guru headquarters, located in North Texas, we have the geographical advantage of being in close proximity to both. That hasn’t always been the case though. I remember as a kid when we got to go to my first Bass Pro in San Antonio, TX it was a little over an hour away, without traffic. Coming from the country any stoplight that had more than 5 cars, was considered traffic for us. I remember many stories from my dad and grandfather about Cabela’s in Nebraska. Even some from their first store they had in Chappell, Nebraska.

Point to this though, isn’t the history of either of these companies but rather the history it allows me to show my son. They’re more than just a place to look at fish in a tank or life size mounts on a fake mountain. It’s a place where I started to teach my son what a catfish is, what a moose is, and believe it or not, he now knows a lot of wildlife by specific species name rather than, “everything being a deer or fish”.

Hunting Product Guru - Bass Pro Kids

Get out to your local outdoor store, and start them young. Coming from someone who can attest, “they won’t forget these times”. I know after 25 years I still remember my first trip. Trips to the store never replace time in the outdoors but it’s a great place to start. It could be the beginning of your son or daughter knowing the outdoors in such a deeper way. Appreciating those times, not living with regret. After all, that’s why these stores started because someone not only wanted to sell items but because they knew they wanted to share their passion of the outdoors with others. So go explore and get outdoors.

My wife and I took out son to the Bass Pro, Garland, TX location. So you get a bonus picture of my beautiful wife who’s almost 39 weeks pregnant. We’re getting excited about the arrival of our baby girl in the next week or so.