When it came time to go on a last turkey hunt for the spring of 2017, my wife made it abundantly clear that we NEEDED to take a vacation. A bit hard headed at first, I quickly came around to seeing her point. So off we went on a mini vacation to the Hill Country, specifically Fredericksburg, TX.

Do anyone else struggle with the balance of hunting and life? I know it’s something my wife and I constantly have to keep in check. My goal for 2017 in the spring was to get a turkey. I did get to go out once to Lake Whitney, once on opening day. We got insanely close just couldn’t seal the deal. You can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/pc7_d7q-1FI

Anyway, I am certainly glad my wife spoke up because I am thankful we got to have a much NEEDED weekend away. On the way to Fredericksburg, we realized it had been over 3 years since we’ve been on a kidless vacation. I took the opportunity to film this trip and I hope you enjoy. This is an honest look into what life truly is as a hunter, husband, 40+ hour work weeks, etc. Enjoy the video! I know we sure enjoyed each other’s time this Mother’s Day Weekend.