These questions can hardly be answered in a short post from a deer blind in East Tx but I feel compelled to try at least. While deer movement is at a minimum and daylight is fading past shooting light. For the minimum, it will help me clear my head on a few things. This will probably be the most self-centered post but hang in there because I think it could help you identify that through your hardships great things are there, you just have to look for them.

As I drove into the working cattle ranch, known locally and nationally as Stuart Ranch Texas, Hal was tending to the chores all around. It reminded me of one thing that I’ve always done: work extremely hard no matter what. I put everything I’ve got into things I believe in. The Stuart Ranch Texas is headed up by generations of hard-working cattlemen who know a thing or two about hard work, but one thing Hal will likely admit is there’s not been a time that I’ve come out to hunt that I don’t offer to help. I’ve lost count, over the years, that I’ve come out to do something and ended up helping on the ranch. It’s in my nature you could say. To help others and I enjoy it.

It’s in my blood to help people. I remember back to my 12-year-old self-kid, starting to film/edit nationally publicized outdoor TV shows because it’s what I saw my family needed help with. Why did my dad need my help? Because he was working a full-time job, and doing media production on the side to help support my mother who WAS a drug and alcohol addict. (She’s clean and sober now). I remember multiple times we would get a $2,000 check in and it would all be gone in a matter of minutes on pills. Was it right for my dad to do? no. Did he know any better? No. In that same breath though, anyone can look back on events of life and say this, “I should have done things differently”. At the time, we were doing all we could to survive.

All of that though, helped me identify early what my passions in life were. Being outdoors, filming/documenting, helping others see nature from my perspective. I’m saddened when I see so many people lost in trying to find their passions in life. One might suggest that mine fell into my lap and I am not sure I would agree with them but there’s one thing I hope they realize, it’s been EXTREMELY hard work. It’s been trying at times. I most certainly wanted to quit. If you look at anyone ‘successful’ you’ll find the ONLY difference between them and someone who quit, is simply that: THEY KEPT PUSHING. I am glad that is something instilled in me through years of hard work. The desire to keep pushing. If you’re at this crossroad, JUST KEEP PUSHING.

Being an outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, advocate, documenting the journey, and helping others are what I have been working towards my whole life. Now, I’ve still got work I’m doing to get me going full time but I know what this is doing is showing other than following your dreams/your passions is worth it. I’m glad I’ve documented my journey and more importantly that it’s enjoyed by so many.

If you’re stuck in a place of wondering what to do? Make a choice. Use that ability to your advantage. You may make a wrong one, in fact, I know you will. I’ve made many. That’s the beauty of this whole thing though. Make choices and learn the lessons. If you stay on the sideline in life and never play, how will you know what it’s like to lose or win? In part, it’s exactly why I just started the podcast.


Lastly, my legacy. It’s nothing I ever thought I would write about as I don’t know if people do this sort of thing or not. I’ve always been one to do things a little different so here we go.

I hope that one day my kids can look at what I’ve documented and share it with their friends or people they come in contact with. When they do I hope that they all realize that I’ve done nothing less than always push to do the right thing instilling that upon anyone I come in contact with. Support the lifestyle of providing for my family, financially and putting venison in our freezer. Loving God and loving others.

Seriously, we all have the same one life. Don’t waste it doing something you’re not truly passionate about. If you’re at the crossroads of trying to figure it out, make a choice. Do it. Learn from it one way or another. I can tell you this for a fact that I am living this blog post out AS WE SPEAK.

Love you guys. What would make my day is to hear that you got something from this that can help enrich your life!